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Alyssa Gorenberg

U-M Senior Alyssa Gorenberg has been a lifeguard with Recreational Sports for four years.

How did you get started lifeguarding as a campus job?
When I came to campus I knew I should get a job, and so I just went to the jobs website and applied for the opening at Rec Sports. I had been a lifeguard at summer camp, got my certification in high school, and I thought this might be a great fit. Then I emailed the hiring supervisor, just to let her know how badly I wanted it! I went in, got hired on the spot, and I fell in love with the job! I’ve been lifeguarding ever since. 

Apart from the spending money, do you see any benefits to the job?
People might not think this from lifeguarding, but I’ve really gained professional development -- it taught me how to apply for a job, how to balance work with a full load of classroom responsibilities, and how to have good co-worker relationships. I’m a building supervisor now, at the North Campus Recreation Building and Head Lifeguard. The staff are incredible, they really care about their jobs, and it’s just so inspiring. And the patrons -- university staff, faculty, students -- you get to meet them and they have awesome stories. And, it’s a nice place to go to do something else instead of classes for a bit.

How do you balance your major in Actuarial Mathematics with a campus job?
The really great part of working for Student Life is that they are totally understanding about things like breaks and exams. And you’re working with other students too, so even though I schedule around my classes, when things do come up, my co-workers are awesome and supportive, and they always cover my shifts when I need it, and I do the same. It’s a really positive environment because you’re working with students, and for students.

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