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McCullough & Alam

Tahiya Alam and Madison (Madi) McCullough are students on a mission: “To eliminate stigma, promote social justice and help equip other students with the skills and knowledge to live healthier and happier lives, at U-M and beyond."

Tahiya's and Madi's campus jobs are as sexual health program assistants in Wolverine Wellness at the University Health Service (UHS).

Tahiya is a Master’s student in Human Nutrition in the School of Public Health. And Madi is a senior in Biopsychology, Cognition and Neuroscience, with minors in Women’s Studies Gender and Health, Community Action and Social Change.

Their major initiatives at work include:

  • Sexperteam, a volunteer group that promotes sexual health on campus
  • Relationship Remix, a nationally recognized gender-based violence prevention workshop for first-year students
  • Sexpertise, an annual conference that helps students learn to communicate about what they want and don’t want, how they can improve their sexual health and wellness, and how identities, media and policies shape sexuality

Madi and Tahiya have developed practical skills in their campus jobs which they expect to help in their next job search. For example, they:

  • Train and manage volunteers
  • Plan events and conferences
  • Speak publicly and facilitate groups
  • Manage inventory and distribution of supplies
  • Develop and implement surveys

These experiences have helped shape their career aspirations. Tahiya explains, “I would like to manage groups and projects, which suits my skills and interests greatly!” And Madi, who entered college aspiring to work in clinical neuropsychology, now plans to attend graduate school for public health and clinical social work.

The biggest challenge in this work? For Madi:

“It’s constantly challenging to fight against and unravel the unhealthy and unjust norms that my peers and I are immersed in, and rebuild positive and healthful norms. I’ve learned a lot about the importance of empathy and humility while trying to do so.”

And the best part of their jobs? For Tahiya, it’s the people:

"I get to work with amazing peers from all over the university, as well as staff, faculty and community members doing great things for sexual health.”

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