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Most college students have already been immunized against HPV and meningitis, but with the approval of two new types of these vaccines, you may be wondering whether additional immunizations are recommended for your student.

The new HPV-9 vaccine expands  protection against human papilloma virus. Previously, Gardasil brand HPV vaccine protected against four major types of HPV.  Now HPV-9, also called Gardasil-9, is an improved version that protects against nine HPV strains.

Gardasil-9 is recommended for both males and females through age 26 years.  If your student was already immunized against HPV, there are no current recommendations regarding HPV-9. For more on this vaccine, see HPV Gardasil-9 Vaccine Information Statement.

Cost at University Health Service (UHS) for this three-dose series is $198 per dose, or $584 per series. Many insurance plans will cover this immunization. Individuals should check with their insurance about coverage.

The new meningitis B vaccine protects against the strain of meningitis that causes about one third of meningitis cases in the U.S, as well as recent outbreaks on college campuses. 

At this time, the meningitis B vaccine is not recommended for all college students. Instead, it is recommended people ages 10 and older who are at increased risk including:

  • Students at colleges with active outbreaks
  • Individuals who are immune deficient or whose spleen doesn’t function
  • Microbiologic workers dealing directly with the virus

UHS has a limited supply of Bexsero brand meningitis B vaccine, which is a two-dose series. Cost is $192 per dose or $384 per series and again, please check with your insurance about coverage.

To learn more about the new meningitis B vaccine, see Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

UHS also offers a wide array of other vaccines, including Flu Vaccination and Travel Health Services.

Students can schedule by calling 734-764-8320.


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