Parents and Families


If you, as a parent, have experienced online meetings, you can imagine online classes and student organizational meetings can be more exhausting than in-person classes due to reduced body movement. Here are some tips from the First Year Experience on how to relieve Zoom fatigue that you can share with your student:

1. Move more
Before each class and meeting, walk outside quickly for 5 minutes or do jumping jacks or stretches in your chair (check out the study break videos on Well-being at Umich!) to keep your blood flowing to your brain.
Set a timer to stretch and reposition yourself every 10 minutes.
Group-X offers affordable virtual exercise classes and free YouTube classes!

2. Reduce eye strain
When we use screens, we forget to blink, which dries out our eyes. Use the 20-20-20 rule to relieve eye strain: Every 20 minutes (check out the Tide timer Google Chrome plug-in!), look at an object 20 feet away and blink for 20 seconds.

3. Try to mimic in-person classes
Close all your tabs to minimize distractions. Your brain cannot effectively multitask with too many tabs open!
You can hide your self-view on Zoom even if you have to keep your camera on. Seeing yourself on the screen can be distracting and decrease your focus. 

4, Get ready and dressed as if you were going to attend in-person classes!

Additional programs include Prioritize Wellness with First Year Experience and virtual Wellness Coaching with Wolverine Wellness