Parents and Families


What your student does matters. The choices your student makes this semester will be more essential than ever in ensuring that campus is as safe and enriching for them and their peers as possible. 

This shared responsibility includes your student using an abundance of caution in their daily activities, from how well they wash their hands and properly wear a mask to how they engage with their peers in activities on campus.

To help guide this sense of shared responsibility, student leaders, staff, and faculty from across campus have worked closely together to draft a Wolverine Culture of Care pledge. Elements of the pledge include the following key areas and students are working on educational campaigns to promote community awareness and support of these practices: 

  • Monitor & Self-Isolate: Protect the community through vigilant self monitoring of symptoms and self-isolate when presenting symptoms or in contact with someone with symptoms.
  • Cover, Distance & Limit: Follow current public health guidance for face coverings in public spaces, stay up to date as guidance changes, maintain 6 feet or more of personal distance, and limit group gatherings to current guidelines to protect the health of others.
  • Wash, Clean & Flu Vaccine: Engage in enhanced health-positive practices; including, regular hand washing, keeping personal and shared spaces clean, getting the flu vaccine when available.
  • Educate, Innovate & Spread Awareness: Educate self and others on health-positive fact-based information, innovate to achieve community well-being, and spread awareness of disparate impacts and realities of COVID-19 in marginalized and vulnerable communities.

Our schools, colleges, and more than 1,300 student organizations will contribute to creating and fostering this culture of care. Your student’s actions, too, will be instrumental in this effort. Additional resources can be found on the University Health Service website, our Well-being for U-M Students website, Counseling & Psychological Services, and the official University site for COVID-related announcements and updates. 

Pathways to Civic Engagement and Community Change 
As part of developing this sense of shared responsibility, we are excited to announce the Ginsberg Center’s coming launch of Pathways to Civic Engagement and Community Change. This initiative will support civic learning and engagement for U-M students, faculty, and staff in this election year. More information will be available soon.