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E. Royster Harper, Vice President for Student Life

College is an amazing and transformative experience for students.  From teens to young adults, from home life toward self-reliance, their experiences in this exciting, diverse learning community help them prepare for living in a global society.

Much of what we do in Student Life is to facilitate opportunities for students to grow and thrive.  We provide connections to help students pursue their passions and explore new interests.  Whether by joining an organization, a service-learning program, or building leadership skills, our students develop a deeper understanding of themselves as they settle in to campus life, and engage with others who bring different experiences and perspectives.

Like you, we also want our students to avoid "life-altering mistakes" that can be harmful to them, diminish their success in college and beyond, and can weigh upon them personally for a long time.  When there are mistakes and mishaps in their living or academic experiences, we are prepared to guide them through the conflict.  We are honored to partner with you in this important work.  

Together, we in Student Life – and you in your never-ending role as a parent and mentor – can facilitate your student's growth and aspirations, so that they may thrive during their time at Michigan and beyond.

We’re here for you as well.   Let me know how we can be of service, by email to, or by phone (734) 764-5132.

E. Royster Harper
Vice President for Student Life 


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