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Royster Harper and students at the Detroit Reception

There are certain experiences that transcend years, decades, generations.  The first day in kindergarten, a favorite storybook, our first pet, our favorite teacher, the first date (and the first break-up), graduation day, and off to college.  For parents, "off to college" is often as exciting and anxious and hopeful as it is for their students.

Whether your student is the next generation to seek a college degree, or the first in your family to make that journey, it is an exciting passage.  The University of Michigan is a large, diverse community.  Our students become part of a campus community that is rich with different backgrounds, perspectives, insights and experiences.  And the wonderful part of that is, they will have every opportunity to learn and grow and contribute in this remarkable community.

You know, as we do, your student will make new friends for life here and discover exciting new knowledge and ideas.  He or she will also experience some great successes and real challenges in pursuing academic success and in personal development.  That’s where the programs and services of Student Life can help students realize their potential, through personal guidance and connecting them with people and organizations that provide context to their academic and social aspirations.

So with open arms and passionate enthusiasm, we welcome your student and you to U-M.  We are here for them.  We’re here for you, too.  Family Matters is part of our commitment to help parents and students stay informed, keep in touch, and enjoy the passage together.

Please encourage your student to look at our website to become familiar with the many programs and services of Student Life. We also recommend that your student sign you up to receive various newsletters and bulletins from around the university, including Family Matters.  He or she must go to the Student section of the Wolverine Access website, click on Alerts, Bulletins and Newsletters, and enter your e-mail address(es). It will take only a minute to fill out and it takes effect immediately.

Feel free to contact this office –, or (734) 764-5132 – or any of my Student Life colleagues whenever we can be of service to you.

We are excited to share this time with your student – and you.

E. Royster Harper

Vice President for Student Life


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