Parents and Families

Martino Harmon

Dear Wolverine Families, 

Campus—both our virtual and physical campuses—has been abuzz with activity as students settle into the rhythm of hybrid classes and find opportunities to engage with each other safely. Of course, we’ve been through a bumpy stretch lately, with strikes and other concerns rising to the surface. Those speed bumps reminded us to slow down and listen. And I can assure you: We are deeply committed to continuing to listen and adapt to meet the needs of our students while keeping our Residential Advisors as safe and supported as possible. We will always listen and respond to their concerns, in fact, I made a commitment to meet and interact with all of the Residential Advisors in the coming weeks.

These growing pains have been necessary, and I am grateful to all involved who pushed for a better campus. There is a rich and storied history of speaking up and out at our university, and a new and important chapter has been added to it. 

In this edition of Family Matters, we will tell you more about how the work stoppage came to a resolution and how we will continue to work closely with RAs on meeting their needs. We’ll also explore new Housing and Dining updates, share information on the Rec Sports facility reopening, and delve into programs that help students become engaged in the campus community and with friends during the time of COVID. Last but not least, we will update you on COVID testing through a free, opt-in, voluntary surveillance testing program. 

The information we share with you in each edition of Family Matters is tailored to what you and your students are asking about, but our efforts to support you and your students always go far beyond what’s included here. 

At this point, I’m sure you’re all familiar with the FAQs on the Blueprint website — a key resource for you and your student that reflects the most frequently asked questions from parents and families — but just in case you haven’t seen it recently, I invite you to check it out again. It’s regularly being refreshed with new information. You can also reach out to to be routed to the best office to help you. 

As always, thank you, and Go Blue! 

Dr. Martino Harmon, Vice President, Student Life