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E. Royster Harper

By now you may know that a couple of weeks ago, our Board of Regents appointed Mark S. Schlissel as the next president of the University of Michigan.  He will take office on July 1 this year, becoming the 14th president of U-M.  More information about Dr. Schlissel can be found on the University's main website.

As you can imagine, the president of a world-class teaching and research university such as U-M bears great responsibilities, leading and advancing the institution in its mission of excellence for students, faculty, researchers, and staff.  Among the university’s myriad stakeholders and partners in the public and private sectors, alumni and donors, there are great expectations, too,  that the president will nurture both the legacy and future success of this cherished and vitally important institution.  The U-M community, in Ann Arbor and beyond, is very excited about the qualities, experience, wisdom and enthusiasm that Dr. Schlissel brings to the position. 

With his arrival, we will bid farewell to Mary Sue Coleman, who for 12 years has been a dynamic, visionary and compassionate president of U-M.  This university has seen tremendous growth and success during her administration.  Her dedication to scholarship, research, U-M’s national and international reputation, and to our students has been tireless.  She inspires the best in our faculty, staff, students and university partners.  She has led U-M through great opportunities and great challenges – always with intelligence, poise and pathos that befit this grand and amazing institution.

President Coleman has been a great friend to students and a tremendous advocate for the mission of Student Life to support the academic, social and personal success of all students here.  Speaking for my colleagues in Student Life, her leadership has been a great example to us all. And I am confident that Dr. Schlissel will continue that same dedication to the student experience in the years ahead. 

As we celebrate the accomplished leadership of U-M, past and future, the people in Student Life are more committed than ever to help your student grow and thrive in their many experiences here.  And as ever, we are here to help you support your student and to share in their success as part of a great learning experience that will prepare them as leaders and contributors in the world.

E. Royster Harper

Vice President for Student Life


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