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Last edition we asked parents: How can you tell when your student is stressed out by finals, college life, or personal challenges? Are there signs that might indicate a young person is overwhelmed and needs more support? How do you decide whether to intervene and how to help?

Our thanks to the experienced parents who submitted the following advice:

Keep talking and actively pursue communication with your student...text, skype, and call. Visit if possible.  Listen when they vent, don't try to solve all their problems, but gently give them some suggestions that might help them.

My son was a freshman last year. The first couple of weeks and some exams were stressful. I found that I-Chatting was the best tool that worked for me... I could see his face, plus hear the tone in his voice… So instead of asking him if there was something wrong, I could usually tell by looking at him.

I'm [going to visit] with my two girlfriends who are very supportive of my daughter's needs.  We are going to transform her room into the pretty room she will want! I think the more comfortable she is with her room, and the more organized, will relieve a lot of stress!


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