Parents and Families

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There is a common list of important things new families need to know before their student arrives on campus: tools for academic success, information about housing, health and safety resources, and details on academic programs. We want to know if there are other questions on your mind. What else do you feel is important for parents to know? Share your thoughts here.

We’ll share your responses in a future newsletter for the benefit of other U-M families!

Last time we asked - As a parent of U-M students, are there any favorite lessons learned about off-campus living that you'd like to pass on to other parents? How do you prepare your students for living off-campus? Here are the answers received:

The best way to prepare your student for off campus living is to make sure they know how to navigate all the little additional things they need to deal with: setting up utilities, dealing with the cable guy, paying bills, basic home maintenance and cleaning and of course cooking healthy meals.

Tell them they now need to schedule time to grocery shop. If they don't, they will find a need to eat out more and most likely make more unhealthy eating decisions.


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