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Last edition we asked: Does your student have a job on campus? Why or why not? What do you see as the pros or cons of working during college? Read on to hear from other Michigan parents!

Our daughter is a sophomore Peer Advisor and decided to work this year on campus as an office assistant in her living learning community. I think it has been a good decision for her.  She likes the additional responsibility and loves the income. Having some extra money that is "hers" has allowed her to make her own choices about how she wants to spend and manage money. Because she has her own money, not provided by her parents, she is learning to make more responsible money decisions. She typically spends half of her income and sets half aside for savings because she has her heart set on Studying Abroad for one semester next year.  I am enjoying watching her as she develops some financial savvy!

My student does not have a job on campus but would like one. She applied for one she thought was a perfect fit for her schedule but she was by-passed for a student with work study.  She is finding most of the jobs say work-study and is discouraged to try and apply for those since she does not qualify.  Despite the fact she does not qualify, we are holding her responsible to pay for college on her own as much as possible.  Not having a job is causing her to be stressed.

From the editors: Sorry to hear your daughter is stressed about work! It might help to know that about 80% of total U-M student jobs are non-work study positions. Currently, approximately 30% of the jobs listed with the Student Employment Office are non-work study, and more can be found at Student Life job openings.

My observation is that there seems to be a considerable distance between the article content and the reality I know from my student that indeed plentiful jobs could be found as mostly washing dishes in dining halls and cafeterias (to clarify, absolutely nothing wrong with those had my full share as a student).

From the editors: We hope you’ll encourage your students to view our Student Life job openings at this listing – there are certainly plenty of Michigan Dining jobs available (many of which pay a bit more than office jobs) there are also current openings in conferences and events planning, summer camps, information technology, and recreational sports.


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