Parents and Families

Family at Student Move In, 2014

Last edition we asked: How do you plan to stay in touch with your student now that Fall term is starting up? Phone? Email? Text? Tweet? Facebook? Facetime? Passenger pigeon? What works for you and your family? Many parents and families responded that they intend to use primarily email and phone.

We Skype, that way our son can see us and the dog who he watched grow from a puppy last year.  It is our Sunday afternoon routine, he can talk football with his Dad while the game is on, it is almost as good as having him sitting in the room with us. We miss him on Sundays the most for some reason, it has always been family time.

Should not change much from the means we connect now - phone, text and occasional emails.  I will use email some more, but not sure he will.

Nothing better than hearing a voice at the other end of the line!   We have a deal...once per week check-in by phone on Sunday evening to hear what happened during the week and what lies ahead for the coming week. It worked well for many of us way back before cell phones, so it should work well for the next 4 years with cell phones.  Of course, instant messages with pics are always a welcome addition from campus, but the Sunday phone call is written in stone!   Still gladly make that phone call every week to my parents...30 years later, as do my siblings.

We monitor student's Facebook, but don't communicate via Facebook.

You might be interested to learn that Student Life research on college students indicates a slight majority of U-M students (53.02%) say they use social networking sites to remain connected with their parents or other family members. Read more about students’ preferences for communication here.

And if you'd like to explore the Family Matters archives, you can read advice from other families and parents of Michigan students from our previous editions.  There's nothing like hearing from another Michigan parent about what it's like when a child first leaves home, money management for students, campus safety, and other important topics. 


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