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Snowy Diag

This month we want to hear from you. As a parent of Michigan students, what’s your Greek Life experience? How can we best inspire our fraternity and sorority students to live up to chapter, community, and campus values? How can parents continue to play a role in reducing high risk behavior on campus?

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Last time we asked – What tips can you share with parents from warm and sunny climates? If you were facing your very first Michigan winter, how would you prepare yourself and your student?

Make sure your student knows to layer and send extra gloves. They can get lost and if for some reason they get wet it's a problem. Also - earmuffs and scarfs are a must and for some kids it can be good to have the heat packets you put in your boots or gloves for hunting or the

Embrace winter and the fun it provides.  Go ice skating, sledding, skiing, build a snowman or have a snowball fight.  Enjoy indoor sporting and cultural events. Finally, maintain your current level of aerobic activity.  Consider running indoors on an indoor track or treadmill, consider swimming indoors, or dress appropriately and continue your activities outside.

Keep them warm top to bottom- cashmere or soft wool socks and a hat (U of M beanies!) - it really helps!

Buy a coat that covers your butt!  Wear a hat, gloves, and extra warm socks.  Only buy waterproof boots.  Dress in layers.  You can still get a sunburn in the winter.  If you are bundled up enough and are moving around you'll be fine.

My student’s present this year was a long down coat and a warm hat. She picked out both, so I know she likes them!


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