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Last edition, we asked - what have you learned since your student came to Michigan? Enjoy these responses from other Michigan parents.

My incoming freshman is the third of my four children to go to U of M. I continue to be astounded at the personal touch that U of M achieves despite its size. It is so easy to get an actual person to answer the telephone and e-mails are returned personally and efficiently. The U of M security alert telephone message system is reassuring. They don't gloss over security issues, they address them.

My son's experience has taken me back to re-live my years at Michigan. I have learned that I am just as eager to get back to Ann Arbor in late August to help him move into the fraternity as I was when I moved into my sorority 30 years ago.  I can't wait to experience Ann Arbor in the fall and see the absolute excitement on my son’s face when he sees friends who he has missed dearly during summer break. Admittedly, I will miss my son while he is away however I am soothed knowing that he is enjoying the full college experience and will earn a Michigan Engineering Degree in 3 years! Go Blue!

I don't think that the online Community Matters program was available when my other two children attended U of M. I was extremely impressed with my incoming freshman's comments about the program. U of M has recognized a huge issue and is addressing it. And this may seem like a small thing, but it's important: U of M doesn't "clean up" for events like Parents Weekend or other times when families tend to visit. U of M is ALWAYS maintained beautifully which shows the pride they take in their campus and buildings.

My husband and I are the proud parents of two daughters, one graduated in 2012 and the second is a sophomore this fall. We did not have the opportunity to attend college and sending them to a university so far from home was very overwhelming. But the University of Michigan with all of the support offered made it possible for us to accomplish this and for our daughters to thrive. They are so proud to be part of this university and the whole family feels the Magic that is Michigan. Thank you for giving this family an opportunity to send our girls into the world with the best possible education. We now know that anything is possible with a little determination!

Hearing my son say this summer "I'm ready to get back to school, this summer is starting to drag on" says it all! And this is coming from a student who had a few ups and downs freshman year missing high school friends, a girlfriend, and adjusting to the new academic rigors.  It took him a few months but thanks to the diversity of UM, he found his place both academically and socially and is truly thriving!

Going to the University of Michigan is a privilege!  I was nervous when my daughter was 10 hours away from her Wisconsin home.  That nervousness went away quickly as she made so many friends and participated in so many activities.  As the years passed, I was so excited to go visit and take part in what the Michigan culture had to offer I couldn't wait.  Now that graduation has passed, I am almost saddened. I won’t go back as often, however, my wife and I will still visit because we enjoyed so much being part of the experience.  GO BLUE!!

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