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Last edition, we asked – What topics would you like to see covered in future editions of Family Matters? Read on for responses from other Michigan parents, as well as links to some of our most popular articles from previous editions.

Here is a topic that will elicit endless discussion:  Drinking on and off Campus. Most of us who have students now attending Michigan, were students at a time when the legal drinking age was 18.  How do we guide our students towards responsible drinking?  Are there alternatives to "Just Say No?"

Great questions! 

Read suggestions from other Michigan parents in this Parent-to-Parent column on alcohol, and in the article Parents Are Key to a Healthy Campus Community; or this inspiring family’s story about their son’s involvement with the Collegiate Recovery Program; as well as some suggestions for students from UM’s Stay in the Blue campaign.

What I remember most about… our first year as parents to a college student… was how quickly the first summer came….  She called us in October of her Freshman year about housing for the next year, and about summer internships.... I couldn't believe it. I think one thing that is really important for families to understand is that the U of M student will have a "summer experience" of some kind. And that it is 4 months in duration!  …It is important that the family be aware of this because there might be housing issues, travel expenses and many other things to consider.  Also critical is the "meaning making" that these summer experiences have for the student. An article on summer experiences and a family's need to work with their student on this decision is something I think might be really helpful for the incoming freshman family.  

Great idea, and a topic of interest to a lot of parents! 

We’ve written before about summer plans in Family Matters. Check out this article about prior planning for Study Abroad experiences; this Parent-to-Parent on summer plans; and this article which shares resources from Student Life’s Career Center to get students engaged in thinking about their passion – a topic sure to inspire plenty of summer plans!


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