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Very soon, the streets and sidewalks of Ann Arbor will suddenly gush with students and baggage-bearing parents.  It’s the great move-in before the fall semester begins.   And within only a few weeks – much too soon – your student will begin thinking about where he and his friends are going to live next year.

For students moving into campus housing, traffic control around the residence halls and undergraduate apartments is carefully managed by temporary detours and lane closures and ever-friendly Housing Security officers.  There is parking along the streets – at least long enough to unload the car – but it’s important to bring the Unloading Permit that students can download from the Housing website.  

Student volunteers (Move-In Makers) are on hand to help transport stuff from the cars to the rooms.  Lots of information about Move-In is located on the Housing website, including details such as

For help navigating the campus and the city, Campus Information is your source for all the important information about the University of Michigan and the Ann Arbor area, from housing and financial aid to hotels and restaurants.  On your trip to Ann Arbor, Campus Information Centers are located in the Michigan Union and Pierpont Commons, or you can visit the website, or email them at or call 734-764-4636.

In Fall, a Student’s Fancy turns to Next Fall

Not long after settling into the fall term, Michigan students begin thinking about their housing options for next year.  Why so soon? Commercial apartment and rental property owners begin marketing in the fall, and new friends are pressing to make housing decisions.

University Housing applications for returning students don’t begin until winter term, because we know students need time to settle into new friendships before deciding who their roommates will be next year. A hasty selection of off-campus lodging can lead to unpleasant discoveries in terms of expenses, inconveniences and responsibilities. Then there’s that problem roommate who seemed like the perfect new friend at the time.  

So when your student wants to know – after being in Ann Arbor for only a few weeks – what to do about housing next year, reassure her there is no need to rush. The student housing choices in the months ahead are many and varied—on campus and off.  Encourage your student to take time to carefully review the options and make the right decision. 


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