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The CAPS Student Advisory Board

Improving student health and wellness, preventing suicides, and inspiring and supporting the student body - members of the Student Advisory Board of Counseling and Psychological Services have made an impact in all of these areas.

Student Advisory Boards (SABs) are a great way for your students to find their niche, learn more about an area they're passionate about, and make sure their voices are heard and incorporated into the way their university is run. There are lots of boards at Michigan, where members can share their opinions about student mental health, conflict, U-M facilities, greek life, and more. 

We got a first-hand account of what it’s like to serve on a Student Advisory Board from senior Amanda Stacer who has been on the board of Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) for all four years that she’s been at the university:

When I was a freshman, the student advisory board sounded interesting and I was considering working in a field related to mental health so I decided to join. (I signed up for a variety of clubs and activities just to try everything out.) The CAPS board is one of the few activities I stuck with all four years.

Members hold outreach activities and help out at events such as Winterfest and Parent's weekend. Some major accomplishments for the CAPS' student advisory board have been:

Amanda appreciates her time advising CAPS for a number of reasons:

My favorite event is semester survival, where we set up a table outside the fishbowl and give out goodie-bags and help students de-stress a little bit during finals. What I like about the CAPS SAB is how much we accomplish every year; our ideas, suggestions, and just general feedback in a meeting come back to us as plans for action by the next one.

If your student is looking to get more involved on campus and is interested in giving U-M input on what happens here and how they think things can be improved, encourage them to explore one of the many Student Advisory Boards in the Student Life.


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