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South Quad Dining Room

Eating a meal in the U-M residence halls looks very different from traditional cafeteria style settings, all thanks to the new Michigan Dining which now encompasses 7 residential dining halls, 28 retail stores, and on and off site catering. 

Gone are the cafeteria trays and the clunky seating, replaced by plated portions and expansive seating and nooks for studying or simply taking a break.  What Director Steve Mangan notes as an important feature of the new Michigan Dining culture is that it is "food forward," incorporating increased nutrition, food safety, a greater variety of ingredients and an understanding of the best and most fresh products and standards in the business.

We can be the Leaders and Best in Dining too. Steve Mangan

Another great feature of Michigan Dining is that students are a part of the process - from offering feedback on recipes and dining concerns to serving on a team of over 2,000 student employees.

Students looking for work with Michigan Dining can visit the Student Life employment page, where opportunities range from cooks to front of house staff to working in the dish room, serving and acting as a cashier.  Students can also work as coordinators and managers which is a great way to learn about the business of food and gain exceptional customer service skills.

What may have in the past been seen simply as places to get fed are now rich environments for socializing, exchange of ideas, and an increased awareness of and exposure to new foods and ingredients.

Students who want to know more about healthy eating can use the MyNutrition tool to help evaluate nutritional values of food served in residential dining halls.  Nutrition information is also displayed next to meals, where posted menus explain serving size, calorie count, and common allergens

Registered Dietitians are also on staff to help students manage allergies or diet restrictions as they navigate the array of dining options. 

Come and check out Michigan Dining - depending on the meal plan that your students selected, they may be able to take you to a new Michigan Dining Hall for a meal the next time you visit campus.


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