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Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness (SAPAC) poster

In September, over 100 university students, faculty and staff attended the "Teach-In on Sexual Assault: Tools for Safety, Knowledge for Change," which was also broadcast in real time across campus for the entire community.  Attendees described the event as informative, practical, interesting and effective.  One shared that the day-long workshops "really connected to daily interactions I might have.” Another noted: "What I learned today will cause me to be less afraid to make a mistake or hurt someone else's feelings when using my intuition.  I trust myself more."

Presenters shared research and information covering a wide spectrum of topics.  Attendees learned more about extensive efforts by the UM Department of Public Safety and the Ann Arbor Police Department to investigate recent well-publicized sexual assaults near campus.  Professors shared research about connections between alcohol abuse and perpetration of intimate partner violence, as well as UM student experiences of sexual harassment via newer technologies like texting and social media.  Student volunteers from the Division of Student Affairs' Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center (SAPAC) and the University Health Service presented the Relationship Remix workshop, which teaches skills for negotiating boundaries in intimate and sexual relationships.  Staff shared research on the motivations and tactics of the most common perpetrators of sexual assault as well as the use of intuition to set boundaries and increase safety.  Finally, faculty, students and staff worked together to discuss community organizing strategies for effective, meaningful prevention of sexual violence on our campus and in our communities.

The Teach-In was sponsored by SAPAC, the Center for the Education of Women, the Graduate Employee's Organization, the Department of Women's Studies, and the university's Abuse Hurts initiative.  

This year marks SAPAC's 25th anniversary of serving UM students, their friends and families.  For information about other SAPAC events and how to get involved, get connected!


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