Parents and Families

Vice President of Student Life E. Royster Harper and staff

In Student Life, we talk about “transformative learning experiences” for U-M students. The phrase describes a key aspect of our core work, and we do much more than talk about them—we enable them, create them and champion learning experiences that help students realize their talents and passions.

These are the experiences—structured or informal, social and personal—that collectively shape a student’s potential as a citizen of the world. They may begin the first time a student lives in a room with another person or becomes part of a residential community that includes individuals from many different regions and faiths and cultures. 

Transformation happens with the opportunity to become a leader in a student organization or to join in service work to help communities and people beyond our campus. It may come from studying abroad in a distant country, mentoring elementary students or supporting a political or social cause. Sometimes, it’s working through a personally stressful or challenging moment. Transformation comes with the discovery of life-long friendships or passions previously unexpressed that become the focus of a student’s academic pursuits.

Before your student came to U-M, you nurtured his or her learning and the life experiences that transformed a child to a young adult. We in Student Life are dedicated to furthering your work and supporting students with the opportunities and encouragement to explore their minds and their hearts, to succeed in their university experiences. Ultimately, we hope to enable transformation as well, helping students step eagerly toward their life commitments with knowledge, understanding and the desire to make the world a better place.

The many resources of our core work for students can be found here on our website. And we’re here for parents as well. Please feel free to contact, or any of our services whenever we can be of help.

—E. Royster Harper, Vice President for Student Life