Parents and Families

Whether your student is embarking on the first year of his journey at the University of Michigan, or she is returning for her senior year, the separation from home is bittersweet.  Along with the pride in growing independent is the anxiety of letting go – feelings shared by both the parent and the student.

We relish this time at U-M because we look forward to having the students fill our campus and our lives with their energy, inquiry, creativity and joy.  Many of them are familiar friends, many others are hopeful new acquaintances.  Sometimes they need our assistance in navigating academic, social and personal experiences on campus – and Student Life is eager to help. 

We’re not only here for the students, we’re here for the parents, too.  Family Matters is just one part of our commitment to help you and your student stay informed, keep in touch, and enjoy the university journey together.

I hope you’ll find information and insights in this issue helpful to you.  We’re looking forward to sharing the coming year with your student, and to being a resource for you as well.  Please feel free to contact, or any of our services on our website whenever we can be of help.