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Students may experience unexpected events that can disrupt their academic life at U-M. Fortunately, one office is dedicated to seeing your student through them: the Dean of Students’ Critical Incidents Team. The Dean of Students office is usually the first stop for students who are dealing with a challenging situation and not sure where to turn. The Critical Incidents Team provides guidance, resources, and support to help them navigate that challenge.

When Life Happens

Sometimes life interferes in a student's academic success. Students may experience academic distress due to personal issues, illness, injury, or hospitalizationfinancial hardship, the illness or death of a family member, or an off-campus housing conflict. The Critical Incident Team’s goal is to help students be successful - however success is defined by the student, and to ensure student safety and well-being.

How You Can Help

Parents should feel free to call the Dean of Students if they know their student is dealing with an issue that is disrupting their life at U-M. The Dean of Students office welcomes conversations with parents and can serve as your first point of contact for a struggling student. The team will work directly with that student to resolve issues and offer resources., while doing everything in their power to attend to student safety and well-being.


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