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Word Cloud listing invisible disabilities  - Chrohn's, depression, anxiety, etc.

When people think of disabilities they often think of visible disabilities--wheelchair use, visual or hearing impairment--but the truth is that over 90% of students registered with Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) have invisible or hidden disabilities that some families have not considered. Many of the following conditions may qualify your student as eligible for services through our office.

It’s important your student register with SSD now to receive accommodations for the upcoming semester. The SSD website has information on how to register, academic accommodations, scholarship and awards, academic coaching resources, and our mentor program.

Also, let your student know that there are many academic resources available to them. Students can download free software programs to help with reading, writing, and note-taking. Your student can receive training on all University provided assistive software, hardware, and equipment.

In addition, students who register with SSD can use the Knox Adaptive Technology Computing Site, a quiet study space with ergonomic tables and chairs located in the Shapiro Undergraduate library. By taking advantage of all these academic tools and services, your student is assured to have a more productive and stress-free semester!


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