Parents and Families

MDining: Same Great Food, A New Way

MDining’s nine dining halls will be back up and running to provide nutritious, delicious food for your returning UM student this fall, with some added changes to keep them safe and healthy. It will be the same great health-conscious food your student has enjoyed, with some new protocols in place.




Our Community has a Shared Responsibility 

What your student does matters. The choices your student makes this semester will be more essential than ever in ensuring that campus is as safe and enriching for them and their peers as possible. 

This shared responsibility includes your student using an abundance of caution in their daily activities, from how well they wash their hands and properly wear a mask to how they engage with their peers in activities on campus. To help guide this sense of shared responsibility, student leaders, staff, and faculty from across campus have worked closely together to draft a Wolverine Culture of Care pledge. 


Our Time With Your Student

Dear Wolverine Families, 

As Dr. Kedra Ishop and I wrote to U-M parents and families on Monday, the Michigan experience may look and feel different this year, but it still will be amazing. 
In Student Life, we know that an essential aspect of a residential experience is the co-curriculum where students engage meaningfully outside of the classroom. We are committed to students thriving, connecting, practicing skills, and translating their learning outside of the classroom—whether they’re taking advantage of academic, career, and personal counseling, participating in student organizations with our diverse student population or practicing the skills of civic engagement. 

Simone Taylor

Helping Your Student Stay Safe

As the parents and families of our Wolverines, you know firsthand how important it is to help them stay safe and healthy. This fall, it is more vital than ever that your student takes proper care of themselves and other Wolverines. 

In addition to the Starter Health Kit, there are many ways to ensure that we reduce risks on campus as your student continues to live and learn in the COVID pandemic environment.


Students to Receive Starter Health Kits

Upon arrival at the University of Michigan this fall, your student will receive a Starter Care Health Kit to ensure they have the appropriate items for a safe start to the academic year. The kit will include:

  • Two bandanas 
  • Two reusable cloth face masks
  • One 2 oz hand sanitizer.

Questions? Ask the Dean of Students Office

When your student returns to campus in the Fall, the coronavirus pandemic will bring many additional questions to the normal Fall excitement, anxiety, and eagerness to navigate the many facets of the higher education experience. The Dean of Students Office (DOS) is available to help.

Dean of Students

Your Student and the 2020 Census

By April 1, 2020 every home in the United States will receive an invitation to participate in the 2020 Census. Mandated by the Constitution of the United States of America, the Census happens once every ten years and counts every living person living in the U.S. It’s been happening, on schedule, since 1790 and it’ll be starting very soon on campus, too. It’s an important process that involves your student.


Building skills and networks for the future through internships

As your student settles into the Winter semester, there is likely a big question on their mind: what should I do this summer? For many students, it’s all about one word: “internship”. What is an internship? Should I get one? How do I start looking? The University Career Center (UCC), and other career offices on campus, are available to help your student navigate through the summer planning process.