Parents and Families

Student's Rights, Responsibilities, and Policies

Michigan students have both rights and responsibilities. We take seriously the assurance of these rights for every member of the community. Likewise, we expect each community member to fulfill his or her responsibilities. The following policies are designed to support and maintain a scholarly community that values diversity and an inclusive educational environment.

Message from the Vice President

The holiday break can be something of an adjustment for many parents. Disappointing to those whose students don’t travel home for Thanksgiving, great anticipation for those who will be seeing their students for the first time since the school year started. For the students who remain in Ann Arbor, it’s an opportunity to rest, socialize with friends, and to have some quiet study time. Yet, they also would welcome a good conversation from the family at home, to keep in touch and share their thoughts and feelings.

Vice President Royster Harper

From Matriculation to Graduation, Communication is Key in Financial Aid

The University of Michigan's 2010-2011 general fund budget includes $126 million in centrally awarded financial aid. Nearly 67 percent of resident undergraduates and 57 percent of nonresident undergraduates receive some form of financial aid. That's a substantial commitment to helping students with need pursue a world-class education at U-M.

cash money

Parent to Parent

Last edition we asked parents: How can you tell when your student is stressed out by finals, college life, or personal challenges? How can parents help students choose whether to enroll in classes, pursue an internship, travel abroad for academic or career interests, or get a jump on a good summer job?

Mother and daughter photo

Men's Rowing Team Proves to be Leaders and Best

The Men's Rowing team truly represents Michigan as the Leaders and Best. This year, the team posted a record of 74-4, winning both the Aberdeen "Dad" Vail and the ECAC National Invitational regattas.

Men's Rowing Team Members

Being a Tech-Savvy Parent

With the amount of innovation happening today around communications technologies it's an exciting time to be a parent of a university student.

computer and phone

Help Students Prepare for this Summer and Beyond

What will your son or daughter be doing this summer? With fall semester still in full swing, it may seem too early to consider spring and summer classes or internships. But in fact, now is a great time to start thinking about plans for the months ahead.

The Career Center Office

UM Community Teach-In on Sexual Assault

In September, over 100 university students, faculty and staff attended the "Teach-In on Sexual Assault: Tools for Safety, Knowledge for Change," which was also broadcast in real time across campus for the entire community.


Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness (SAPAC) poster

UM a Leader in Helping Students Manage Food Allergies

For many students, college can provide exciting new freedoms. However, it also often presents a number of new and unexpected challenges. For students at the University of Michigan, one such difficulty is now much easier to manage – food allergies.

Food Labeling photo

Where to live next year... what's the rush?

Soon your student will be talking about living arrangements for next year. It’s a Michigan tradition, in the fall college friends (who may have only known each other for a few months) begin planning where they want to live nine months from now. What’s the rush? Well, off-campus apartment and rental property owners are marketing their student housing, and there is a long-held – and misleading – perception that all the good places to live off-campus are signed early. 

Northwood housing