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Exploring the World: Travel Abroad Tip

Students who work, study or volunteer abroad can gain valuable life and cultural experiences while exploring new parts of the world. And travel is increasingly accessible to all students. 


Our Time With Your Student

As a family member of a Michigan undergraduate, you know one thing for sure: life is always in motion and transition. It's the exciting part of life that opens us up to new opportunities and experiences. I am so pleased to be able to be part of the transition of Student Life leadership as I take on the role of interim vice president.


Plan Now for Summer Subletting

If your student rents and is thinking about subletting their place this summer, you may want to suggest that they learn about their rights and responsibilities, so they don't run into issues at the end of the summer.  


Renovated Michigan Union is open

The Michigan Union is open! After a 20-month closure to accommodate an $85.2 million renovation, hundreds of students, faculty, staff and guests walked through the doors of the refreshed and upgraded Michigan Union on January 13 for a reopening celebration. 


Spring Adventures Ahead

Winter is an ideal time for students to plan spring adventures. Fortunately, the U-M Adventure Leadership program provides year-round outdoor educational and recreational opportunities for students, regardless of prior experience.

Woman wearing helmet and climbing

Meal Plans and More for Off-Campus Living

If your student has decided to live off-campus, they may still want to eat in the campus dining halls, regularly or occasionally. Several meal plans are available that provide delicious food and diverse choices. All without your student having to shop, cook and clean up! 

Students Can Buy Books Early Online

It may seem early to think about buying books for the winter semester, but thanks to the partnership between the university and Barnes & Noble College, students are able to efficiently purchase books via an online portal.

Student looking through stacks of books