Parents and Families

Important Updates related to COVID-19

Dear U-M student family member,
We want to provide important updates that have been shared directly with your student
related to COVID-19. We also want to assure you U-M health professionals are actively
monitoring the rapidly changing developments, and making appropriate recommendations
to promote a safe and healthy environment for your student.

Important fall planning updates

Your student recently received an email with important fall planning updates from the Division of Student Life. As we approach the final weeks of summer, and begin a new academic year at the University of Michigan -- whether your student has chosen an on campus or remote learning experience -- these updates on class schedule adjustments, enhanced social distancing, pre-arrival testing, and after arrival care are important to note. You can read the entire email, which outlines the new expectations for our student community -- designed to minimize the impact of COVID-19 on campus -- on the Student Life website

Student Life

Virtual support programs for students

The University of Michigan believes in providing a comprehensive experience to all students, because beyond the classroom, wellness, support and DEI programs help develop the whole student. That did not change when the coronavirus pandemic hit. Since then, Student Life services, programs and events have gone virtual so that we can continue to safely connect and make a positive impact on the lives of U-M students 

Here’s a look at what’s available for your student...

Wellness 2

Unprecedented Times: Helping Your Student

The coronavirus pandemic has brought with it unprecedented experiences, especially for students navigating their way through this next big milestone in life: college.  As a parent, you can assist your student in making this time a rewarding, educational and healthy endeavor, even though the “norms” of the college experience have changed. Recognizing your students' experience of loss and grief over not having the "normal/expected college experience" -- and helping them develop a balanced, confident perspective -- is essential.
Here are some things you can do ...

Student studying

Get fit, stay fit with Rec Sports

Sure, it is easy to plan fitness routines when “going to the gym” is something your student can do after class. But with facilities closed for the COVID shutdown, that option hasn’t been available. However, there are lots of options for students to social distance and stay safe and healthy while still exercising. For example, did you know Rec Sports now has virtual Group X fitness options? 


UHS, Wolverine Wellness offer virtual services

Your student can access both University Health Services and Wolverine Wellness health care and wellness services virtually. During the COVID-19 pandemic, University Health Service (UHS) has remained committed to serving students in person and by telehealth,  via phone, video, or patient portal messaging. Wolverine Wellness -- which works to infuse well-being into campus culture, address systemic challenges to well-being, and support positive social norms -- also provides virtual services to support student health and well-being


Safety is Key: New Facility Cleaning Protocols

As students come back to Campus this fall, they will find more stringent protocols to ensure their safety in the residential halls, educational spaces, and other facilities.  

Working with the University of Michigan's Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) organization and following the guidance set forth from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), Student Life Facilities' custodians will be using disinfectants, such as Oxivir TB, that have been pre-approved by the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for use against emerging viral pathogens. 


Our Community has a Shared Responsibility 

What your student does matters. The choices your student makes this semester will be more essential than ever in ensuring that campus is as safe and enriching for them and their peers as possible. 

This shared responsibility includes your student using an abundance of caution in their daily activities, from how well they wash their hands and properly wear a mask to how they engage with their peers in activities on campus. To help guide this sense of shared responsibility, student leaders, staff, and faculty from across campus have worked closely together to draft a Wolverine Culture of Care pledge. 


Helping Your Student Stay Safe

As the parents and families of our Wolverines, you know firsthand how important it is to help them stay safe and healthy. This fall, it is more vital than ever that your student takes proper care of themselves and other Wolverines. 

In addition to the Starter Health Kit, there are many ways to ensure that we reduce risks on campus as your student continues to live and learn in the COVID pandemic environment.


Students to Receive Starter Health Kits

Upon arrival at the University of Michigan this fall, your student will receive a Starter Care Health Kit to ensure they have the appropriate items for a safe start to the academic year. The kit will include:

  • Two bandanas 
  • Two reusable cloth face masks
  • One 2 oz hand sanitizer.

Spring Adventures Ahead

Winter is an ideal time for students to plan spring adventures. Fortunately, the U-M Adventure Leadership program provides year-round outdoor educational and recreational opportunities for students, regardless of prior experience.

Woman wearing helmet and climbing