Parents and Families

What to Do if Your Student is Sick or Injured

If your student needs health care, keep in mind that University Health Service (UHS) offers a wide array of services, all in one building on central campus. Most services, including clinic visits, are covered by the health service fee, which students pay as part of tuition.

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Students Move with Recreational Sports

Learning activities are often sedentary but the U-M Recreational Sports program can help your student keep moving. And there's something for every taste, interest and activity level. 

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Does Your Student Need Immunizations?

Immunizations are a very effective way to prevent infectious diseases. Students can easily get a flu shot and other immunizations on campus this fall. 

Does Your Student Need Health Insurance?

If your student needs health insurance, please consider that the University of Michigan offers a voluntary health insurance plan for U-M students through Aetna Student Health. The fall deadline for purchase is September 24, 2017.

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Campus Nutrition Comes Full Circle

Students, both participants in the Campus Farm as well as those enjoying the delicious results, are learning hands-on lessons about food sustainability, being an engaged consumer, and sources of essential nutrition.

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Off-Campus Life: Cooking & Eating

Living off-campus can be an exciting time for many students! The freedom and independence are what many students look forward to. One challenge your student may face is having time to prepare healthy meals to fuel their busy lifestyle. Plenty of options exist to make quick meals at home or find delicious and healthy meals on campus.

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Communicating in Challenging Circumstances

Are you ready to communicate with your student about an incident related to alcohol or other drugs, if needed?

Why communication matters: Studies show college students still regard their parents (or parent role models) as trusted advisors and vital in their social support network. Students often rely on parents when they encounter difficulties and challenges. 

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Students Lead on Mental Health

Students are showing themselves as "the Leaders and the Best" by addressing campus concerns about mental health head-on.

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Our Time with Your Student

As a family member of a Michigan undergraduate, you know one thing for sure: our students are always in motion, moving from classes, projects, jobs, clubs, activism, service, not to mention all time they spend working on their futures after graduation. 

E. Royster Harper, VP for Student Life