Parents and Families

Talking About Alcohol

It takes a village to prevent alcohol-related harm in college. Beginning this fall, Student Life will use a new strategy for communicating with parents when first-year students experience certain consequences of drinking.

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Funding for Students

Did you know students may apply for scholarships, equipment, and funding through Services for Students with Disabilities? Find out how and read about the inspiring students and families who made these awards possible.

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Final Exams & Self-Care

With finals coming up, students may sacrifice their well-being in the hopes of getting better grades. Encouraging them to practice good self-care can help build your student's life-long resilience skills. 

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Time for a break this Spring Break?

U-M's Spring Break runs 2/28 through 3/8 this year. Students often put the "spring" in quotes this time of year in Michigan! But what about the "break" part?

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So Much to Do, So Little Time

Time management is one of the keys to success at college, yet many students struggle with it throughout their undergraduate career. "When you have so many things on your plate at once, time management becomes very difficult," explains LSA senior Marissa Miars. 

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Key Conversations to Have with Your Student

If you attended Parent and Family Orientation, you may recall a few suggested key conversations to have with your student. Research shows it is important to talk with your student frequently to keep the lines of communication open. This article suggests topics to get you started.

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