Parents and Families

Tips to Help Students Stay Healthy this Winter

Remember H1N1, the “swine” flu strain that commanded so much attention and concern last fall?  While it doesn’t seem to be on tour this year, seasonal colds, flu and other respiratory illnesses are unwelcome interruptions to campus life.

As Students Prepare to Return, Talk About Healthy Relationships

As you help your student prepare for the upcoming semester, summer is often a time to have important conversations about life skills. As you offer wisdom on money management and how to do laundry, Holly Rider-Milkovich says, don’t forget to talk to your student about healthy relationships.

Spotlight on Health Care and Health Insurance for Students

With health insurance reform in the news, parents may wonder how to make sure that their students have access to quality health care and health insurance while at school. The University of Michigan offers basic health care at the University Health Service (UHS) and several insurance options to help students get the care they may need outside of UHS.