Parents and Families

Our Time with Your Student

The University of Michigan's Winter Term break is almost upon us! Read on for dates and details you can share with your students. [And for an update on U-M's norovirus outbreak, see here and here.]

E. Royster Harper

The Water Crisis in Flint

People around the world are hearing about the ongoing water crisis in Flint, Michigan. What is the University of Michigan doing to help?

UM Flint & Ann Arbor Students in Collaboration

New in Greek Life

Almost 22% of U-M undergrads are a member of a sorority or fraternity - still there are plenty of misconceptions about these off-campus student organizations.

Maddy with her parents

Our Winning Debate Team

U-M's Debate Team finished 2nd at the National Debate Tournament for the past two years and two members are ranked 1st in the country. U-M hosts a Debate Camp open to high school students and prospective U-M students.

Vice President Joe Biden with Debate Director Aaron Kall and Debate students Ellis Allen and Alex Pappas.

My Campus Job

Tahiya Alam and Madi McCullough are students on a mission: "To eliminate stigma, promote social justice and help equip other students with the live healthier and happier lives."

McCullough & Alam

Dates to Remember - February 2016

Spring is just around the corner. We have gathered a list of upcoming dates to help you stay up-to-date with the remainder of the school year. 

February 2016 calendar graphic