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A Message from Royster Harper

It’s nearly time for "Spring Break": words that conjure up memories of college for many, and that is still very much true today. And yet what Spring Break means for this generation of students can often be quite different than a generation ago, and it tells you much about what our students value and need.

Royster Harper

Hepatitis A Vaccination Recommended

An outbreak of hepatitis A in southeast Michigan means that U-M students are highly encouraged to be vaccinated. Meningitis and flu vaccination are also recommended.

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Major Decisions

Is your student undecided about a major? They are not alone. Most students enter U-M undecided about their  major. Even those who initially think they know what they want to study often change their plan.

Students run experiments outdoors.

Helping Your Student Budget for Travel Abroad

Traveling abroad can be an exciting opportunity for students. They can experience new cultures, see historic sites, and make lifelong friendships. But students can sometimes get lost in the excitement and run out of money midway through their trip.  

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Alone in Feeling Lonely?

Does your student feel lonely? If so, they are not alone. Here are reasons why students feel lonely and how can you help.

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Healthy Students, Healthy Earth

If your student eats on campus, you can be assured that their food options are healthy both for them and for the environment.

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Michigan Union Renovation

This spring the iconic Michigan Union will temporarily close for a significant renovation project to address aging infrastructure, improve safety, enhance student spaces, and restore the beautiful architecture.

Michigan Union on a snowy day

Campus Resources for Overcoming Adversity

Adversity is an inevitable and unpredictable part of our life journey. When students are faced with problems, large and small, it’s important to remember that in addition to their internal strength, U-M also offers services to support them.

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Giving Blueday 2017 Thank You & Recap

With your help, on 11/28/17 the University of Michigan secured a record-breaking number of donors, 8,215 to be exact, during Michigan’s fourth university-wide day of giving: Giving Blueday!

Giving Blueday Thank You!