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Last edition, we asked you what you enjoy most about being a Wolverine family, enjoy these responses from other Michigan parents!


I am a Michigan Mom of a Freshman Daughter and a Sophomore Son. I am truly excited to see my students challenged academically at a very high level. Although it’s hard to watch the struggles sometimes, the growth and maturity they gain at this outstanding University will serve them well forever. Watching Wolverine sports is a blast, too!! GO BLUE!!

My daughter is a 4th generation U-M student. Both of her sisters graduated from Michigan as well.  What I enjoy most is the ability of the whole family to enjoy and remember the many amazing experiences we have had individually and also shared together.

I enjoy feeling pride in my daughter, who has thrived at Michigan.  I have to admit that we were afraid she would be overwhelmed attending such a large university after graduating from a small school in Brooklyn, New York.  There are so many choices at Michigan, classes, clubs, housing etc., that students can choose how to live life now, and prepare for the future.  Everyone in the family feels part of the Michigan experience.  Go Blue!!!!

The school is very helpful and friendly towards parents.  I love that there is a U-M Parents Facebook page where we can ask questions of other parents.  This was my daughter's freshman year and I wanted to be sure to send her a cake and balloons for her birthday.  I asked for suggestions for how to do this on the Facebook page and received multiple responses.  She ended up having the best birthday. 

I am a proud alum and now prouder parent, as I have 2 kids at the U.  It is helpful to share resources with them so they can achieve, handle stress, and do their best in college.  The tips on the parent orientation calendar and Family Matters newsletter are SO helpful for us parents!

I have been extremely pleased with how responsive the school is to parents. I like that whenever I call U-M with a question I reach a LIVE person and not a machine. And the orientation for incoming students and parents was extremely informative.  I appreciated being able to meet some of the students, faculty and administrators that would be a part of my daughter's Michigan experience. 

We are so proud of our son when he makes good choices at U of M but we are even prouder in the moments when he learns from his mistakes.

I am so proud of my son and all of his accomplishments.  Although Michigan was not his only choice, he proudly became a Wolverine and has never looked back.  I think Michigan is a very unique and exciting university, with a huge emphasis on tradition.  The alumni base is unbelievably large and strong, and I know my son has a very successful future ahead.  Thank you Michigan, I very honored to be a U of M Parent!

We live in California, so you wouldn't expect how well-known and respected Michigan is.  We are always so proud to say our son goes to Michigan, and people always have a positive reaction.  They want to know how our son likes it (a lot!), what he is studying (engineering-Michigan has a GREAT program!), and it is always a happy conversation.  It is also fun when we travel, even overseas, to spot those Michigan t-shirts and bond over a "Go Blue!" shout out.

We enjoy knowing our son is right where he should be. Hearing him say things like "I have found my peer group" and "This is definitely not high school, I finally feel challenged" and "Can we reschedule our Skype? There's an event at the Union I'm going to with the guys" brings joy to our hearts as his confidence and independence grows.

Enjoyment is hearing the excitement, wonderment, and growth in the voice of your child as he describes the experiences afforded him through his classes and activities.  Knowing that the Michigan staff is looking out for our son (and everyone else's!) puts a parent's mind at ease.  The fact that extended family is excited to be included in all of this activity is a bonus!

It's been five years as a U-M parent and we have enjoyed the vicarious experience. Savor the moments with your student, knowing a graduation day is at hand.

My son was a frustrated senior toward the end of his high school experience. He was ready for additional challenges and more independent living. Now that he's in Ann Arbor, I hear the joy in his voice every time we talk. He is so stimulated intellectually and is openly willing to share his enthusiasm for what he's learning, and he is also socially well matched to a group of new friends who appreciate his talents and interests. What could mean more than watching this incredible period of growth? Freshmen year has had ups and downs, but the one constant is our knowledge that our son is experiencing consistent growth surrounded by faculty and friends who care about him.

For new parents:  We posted the calendar that parents receive at parent orientation - this was very helpful in knowing what to expect and in staying connected.  We learned to Skype this year, we found out that you can do laundry in the dorm via Skype using an Ipod, to help our son learn the different machines there - it was great!!!  The U of M has been great on every level; we could not be more impressed, truly.

We started this journey together as father and daughter. It was her first time away from home. I was afraid for her as she was too. My little girl was now growing up in the world. I only wish Mom was here to see this joyful path that had come to pass. The next five years proved to be a roller coaster of ups and downs. I had the late in the night early in the morning conversations of: "You are going to pass your classes", and "You are smart". My daughter has made me and her mom looking down on her from heaven some of the proudest parents in the world. Thanks most of all to God for bringing her into this world.  Oh! Yes, and to the University of Michigan "The Amazing Blue", for taking care of my baby and not allowing harm to come to her in the years she has been in your care. If you only knew how I trusted you some five years ago with my daughter, and you promised to do your best and you did. Thanks!

Knowing without a doubt that the University of Michigan was the right choice for our son.  He is having the experience we hoped he would and more...networking with other composers and living with diverse students from all over the country (except the one who grew up across the street--a dream come true for them) and engaging with others who are intellectually stimulating.  He has had some amazing profs. There is also the legacy aspect as my husband is a law school graduate and since our son was three years old he has been attending events in Ann Arbor.  There is a lot of pride in our family that one of our youngsters is at the U of M. 

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