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students walking on the diag in the snow

For students, winter semester provides an opportunity for a "do-over." After reflecting on fall semester, they can re-prioritize and re-engage in both their studies and co-curricular activities.  

Maybe they want to get more involved in student organizations, or drop some commitments in order to focus on what’s most important now. Sophomore Harrison Grias explains, "The best thing about winter semester is starting over. This term, I plan to get involved in more clubs."

If your student has not firmed up their summer plans, this is a great time to explore opportunities and build skills for resume-writing and interviewing through the University Career Center.

The euphemistically-named spring break starts on February 25, 2017 (see Dates to Remember). Whether your student is traveling away from campus or staying put in Ann Arbor, the break can provide a welcome time to recharge their batteries.

Of course, the cold weather and long nights of the season can pose challenges.

For some students, the appeal of exercising outdoors dwindles in winter, but that doesn’t need to stop them because they have options for Staying Active in Ann Arbrrrrrr.

It's not unusual for students to experience lower mood, perhaps as a result of seasonal affective disorder, which can be addressed with some relatively simple measures.

Illness and weather-related injury is more common at this time of year, so students may want to know about Tips for Academic Success when You Are Sick or Injured.

For more ways that your student can stay safe and make the most of winter semester, see Winter Survival Tips.


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