Parents and Families

Although most U-M students make healthy and responsible choices about alcohol and other drugs, excessive and illegal alcohol use continues to impact the university's academic mission and our students’ academic potential.

Many U-M students engage in low-risk activities and understand how to keep themselves and each other safe. Part of the Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention Program’s (AODPP) mission is to increase this important critical mass of students on our campus.

The AODPP is committed to decreasing harm from alcohol use by working with students and other community members to create a healthy, vibrant and caring campus community. Harm from excessive alcohol use can have life-altering negative consequences for the drinker, as well as others.

The AODPP also works to support students who are recovering from drug and alcohol misuse. Its work includes advising the student organization Students for Recovery, which provides a supportive community where students in recovery and those desiring recovery can achieve their potential while enjoying an authentic college experience free from alcohol and other drugs.

What you can do:

  • Avoid glorifying alcohol use or joking about excessive use.
  • Talk to your student and challenge stereotypical assumptions about college life.  
  • Refer your student to the UHS website, which contains many resources and related links for addressing alcohol and other drug issues; MiTalk, an online mental health resource; or Counseling and Psychological Services.
  • Restate your values and expectations with your student.
  • Provide specific guidelines for abstaining from or moderating substance use.
  • Be available to help no matter what choices your student makes.
  • Share your ideas with us!

For more information contact Marsha Benz or Mary Jo Desprez of AODPP, Health Promotion and Community Relations, University Health Service. This story was written by Carol Tucker, University Health Service.