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U-M students traveling abroad

In an effort to better serve students who may get sick while traveling or need assistance in the event of an emergency abroad, university officials recently announced a new policy detailing what students must do before traveling abroad on a university-sponsored trip.

All Students Must Register

Among the requirements, students must register their travel in the U-M Travel Registry. Doing so allows officials at the university to contact students who may need assistance in the event of an emergency, like a natural disaster or political unrest. To register international travel with the University, students simply log in to Wolverine Access, click on Travel Registry and enter the information requested about their trip.

Students Must Purchase Travel Health Insurance

Students are also required to purchase HTH Travel Abroad Health Insurance through the University for any university-sponsored trip outside the United States. This health insurance is extremely affordable, costing only $1.25 for each day of travel and a $5 administrative fee. Students may also elect to purchase this insurance for leisure travel. Instructions on how to purchase international health insurance are available at the UHS website.

The new travel policy also outlines requirements for student groups traveling abroad and provides information about university travel warning and restrictions, which are issued occasionally when events in other countries could threaten the safety, health or well-being of members of the university community traveling abroad.

A copy of the new international travel policy is available online.



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