Parents and Families

To Subscribe:

Family Matters Newsletter offers current information about campus life and challenges. There are two ways for you to subscribe to receive it via email. Please only use one of the following: 

Option 1: Submit your contact information here to subscribe, OR

Option 2: Ask your student to register your email address. They should add your email address under the student section of the Wolverine Access site; just navigate to Student Business > Student Center > Parent/Family Authorization > Alerts, Bulletins and Newsletters. It will take only a minute to fill out and it takes effect immediately.

To Unsubscribe:

If you would like to be removed from this mailing list, ask your student to return to Wolverine Access and navigate back to the same page where they registered you initially (Student Business > Student Center > Parent/Family Authorization). Once there, your student can review your email account authorization settings. Your inclusion on mailing lists can be edited or your account can be removed altogether by your student. Unchecking the “Alerts, Bulletins” checkbox will immediately remove you from all future Family Matters mailings. However, please be aware that being removed from this group would also mean that you would not receive any future targeted announcements about the University's response to unexpected or emergency situations.

You can also unsubscribe from the Family Matters Newsletter by filling out this request form.