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Parent to Parent

Last edition we asked parents: How can you tell when your student is stressed out by finals, college life, or personal challenges? How can parents help students choose whether to enroll in classes, pursue an internship, travel abroad for academic or career interests, or get a jump on a good summer job?

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Being a Tech-Savvy Parent

With the amount of innovation happening today around communications technologies it's an exciting time to be a parent of a university student.

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Help Students Prepare for this Summer and Beyond

What will your son or daughter be doing this summer? With fall semester still in full swing, it may seem too early to consider spring and summer classes or internships. But in fact, now is a great time to start thinking about plans for the months ahead.

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Is Your Student's Personal Property Insured?

Accidents happen, so it’s important that students have personal property protection to cover their valuable possessions in the event of damage or loss. Whether students live in a residence hall or off-campus, their personal possessions are not, in most cases, covered by university or rental property insurance policies.

Supporting Your Student's Job Search

You’ve heard the bad news about the economy, or your family may have even experienced it firsthand. But the future is looking brighter—with employers indicating in one survey that they plan to hire 5 percent more new college graduates this year than last. Though the job search takes time, University of Michigan graduates are still faring well, and as a parent, you can be a valuable source of help and encouragement as your students prepare for their careers.

Commencement: A Parent’s Guide

Every year, excitement fills the air in Ann Arbor as Commencement approaches. Spring has arrived and seniors are eager to graduate and move on to the next phase of their lives. This year, as the university welcomes President Obama as its Commencement speaker, families should prepare for a packed and lively event.