Student Life - Research

September 2017 -- Every year, the University of Michigan Office of the Vice President for Student Life asks first-year students to complete the CIRP survey as part of their New Student Orientation experience. CIRP gauges incoming students’ experiences on a variety of issues including background characteristics, high school experiences, attitudes, behaviors, and expectations for college. This information is valuable as we develop, implement, and improve our services, programs, and educational offerings to both challenge and support our students to facilitate their growth.


While Student Life Assessment is finishing up the collection of CIRP surveys from the new first-year students who joined us this Fall, we would like to share with you an infographic about our now sophomore students. This infographic, “Who Goes Blue?: Class of 2020 Identities and Engagement” explores our sophomores’ identities and experiences they reported last year. We hope you find this information valuable.


More CIRP results can be found in the CIRP FactBook on the Student Life Research website.