Student Life - Research

Save the Date: May 10, 2016 for the Research Symposium

Proposals due March 11, 2016

As we prepare for our upcoming Student Life Research Symposium, we welcome your proposals! As we integrate theory and practice, we examine how to apply research to collaborative work educating students, and apply what we learn from these collaborations to research in progress. Questions we'll pursue include:

  • What are the variety of ways that Student Life Learning Outcomes are being used to measure student learning before or after our educational work with students?
  • How do we determine how the experiences of U-M students vary based on their social identities?
  • What creative solutions are available to us when we are called on to be both immediately responsive to emerging issues and data-driven?
  • What resources already exist in Student Life and at UM to generate compelling data on high risk student health and wellness issues? How do we use those resources to design programs to reduce harm?

As you can tell, particular emphasis will be on our collaborative efforts, whether between areas of Student Life or across the broader array of campus initiatives.

We connect our work in this Research Symposium strongly with the Mission Statement, Core Work and Goals of Student Life, and Student Life Learning Outcomes. Each description is available for your ideas and connection at:

Please submit information about your proposed session on this proposal form. We are seeking proposals to lead interactive and informative 80 minute sessions.

We are excited to welcome the campus and the nation together as we discuss and describe the ways our practice and research travel together.

If you have questions, please contact Dr. Malinda Matney at We look forward to your great work ahead!