Student Life - Research

Student Life at the University of Michigan presents findings on a variety of projects and conducts a number of research projects. If you would like to arrange for a presentation, please call (734) 764-5132.

Working (it all) out: Physical Health, Gender, and Self Confidence

Trends across the nation find more and more Americans are overweight and not maintaining an active lifestyle. How do our students compare? Do exercise and healthy activities affect student confidence? How do male and female students compare when looking at their physical activity?

Religious and Spiritual Development of UM Students

Many consider the college experience to be one of self-discovery and personal expression. How do our students express their "religiousness" and spirituality? What faiths and religious beliefs make up the spectrum of expression that our students embody? For students who feel they are highly religious, how does that translate to the rest of their life aspirations and experiences?

First Generation Students: Pioneers in the 21st Century

In a diverse student body, some students may find themselves more isolated than others. Students who are the first in their family to enter higher education are among these groups. What challenges and expectations do these students have? What services and considerations do we, as educators and student affairs professionals, need to make to serve this part of our university community?