Student Life - Research

Student Life at the University of Michigan presents findings on a variety of projects and conducts a number of research projects. If you would like to arrange for a presentation, please call (734) 764-5132.

Forecasting Student Life Research and Assessment Part III

(16 minutes, 3 of 3)

What will our next generation of students, the Global Generation, bring to our campuses? What will their parents bring? In this video, Dr. Malinda Matney describes how generation theory suggests the pathway ahead for creating and measuring learning environments for the Global Generation, for their parents, and for their home communities. She describes what this means for the future of Student Life and for the future of the whole residential university education experience.


Integrative Learning in Student Life Part I

In this video, Dr. Simone Himbeault Taylor and Amy Homkes-Hayes describes how the University of Michigan transitioned from a project focused on student pathways for social justice education (within and beyond classrooms) to a transformative integrative pedagogy reaching all facets of the student experience. What is the intersection of integrative learning process and eportfolio product? How does Student Life function as both the place for students to apply their learning, and make meaning of that application? This video describes how we discern "the what, the so what, and the now what."

Integrative Learning in Student Life Part II

In this video, Dr. Patricia Gurin, Dr. Martha Kirpes, student Praveen Loganathan, and UC 170 Co-Coordinator Scott Kohen, describe the application of Integrative Learning pedagogy and the MPortfolio tool in the context of UC 170: "Making the Most of Michigan." This course integrates the variety of interventions first year students participate in, learning about leadership and the college experience, and integrative portfolio pedagogy into a reflective whole. This learning helps first year students intentionally navigate their Michigan experience in varied contexts in and outside of the classroom. Engaged Learning Partnerships Director Shari Robinson-Lynk describes the application of integrative pedagogy into a cross-university service learning initiative.

Integrative Learning in Student Life Part III

(9 minutes, 3 of 3)

In this video, Amy Homkes-Hayes describes several examples of ways in which Integrative Learning or MPortfolios are being applied in action. The questions given to the audience are worthy of your engagement as well:

"What opportunities do you recognize for your area to strengthen integrative learning with students?"

"Are there ways for your area to strengthen existing integrative learning initiatives in Student Life?

What proportion of UM students are first generation?

In a society that stresses the importance of a quality education—a society that often demands a quality education in order to ensure economic security, the label of “first generation college student” creates many possibilities campus. A student may be a first generation college student for a variety of reasons, but the fact that there are a substantial number of first generation students attending college re-enforces the priority that many place on a college degree as changing future possibilities not just for an individual, but for a whole family.

Four years of first generation percentages