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What Is Emerging in Research about Millennials?

For the past two decades, writers have speculated about how the Millennial Generation would emerge into adulthood. In 2005, almost all University of Michigan undergraduates, and many Michigan graduate and professional students, are part of this generation, which generally includes individuals born between 1980 and 2000. What we can learn from research, theory and demographic trends may shape how we educate these undergraduate and graduate students. This generation will most certainly shape universities nationwide. This is particularly true of highly selective institutions such as the University of Michigan, since the education at these universities is driven highly by the leadership and academic qualities of our students.

First Generation Students: Pioneers in the 21st Century

In a diverse student body, some students may find themselves more isolated than others. Students who are the first in their family to enter higher education are among these groups. What challenges and expectations do these students have? What services and considerations do we, as educators and student affairs professionals, need to make to serve this part of our university community?