Student Life

Student Life is here for you, ready and eager to help all students get the most out of their experiences at our great university and make Michigan home. With Student Life, you can find your own niche on campus; connect with students within or beyond your residence hall, organization, or academic program; get involved in student organizations, leadership opportunities, and campus jobs and internships; and choose the housing and dining and living options that work best for you. 

Not sure where to start? Get in touch. We are here to help. 

Ombuds Tom Lehker

Ombuds for Student Life, providing confidential service to help individual students solve specific problems, impartial advocate for fair and consistent treatment, and advice on formal and informal problem resolution possibilities.

Tom Lehker, U-M Ombudsman

Diversity Statement

Student Life seeks to engender a diverse community that is accessible, safe and inclusive.

Vicky Barner Multicultural Lounge