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Starting at UM? Complete your CIRP survey!

I am excited to welcome you to the University. Over the coming weeks, if you are a first year undergraduate, you'll be preparing to attend New Student Orientation. I want to let you know about a survey we hope you will complete during that orientation.

Undergraduate entering student profile 2015

It is easy to assume that students today are like students 10, 20, or 30 years ago. However, part of the work we do with CIRP data is to investigate how students at Michigan change over the years – to challenge our assumptions. We also show how students are different at Michigan (or are not different) from students at other public highly selective universities and at private very highly selective universities.

We hope this snapshot helps you understand our students a bit better.

Student Life Research Symposium downloads available

Thank you for attending the Thirteenth Annual Student Life Research Symposium.

There were so many great sessions and conversations, so what can you do if you couldn't attend them all? We have started collecting the handouts and slides here:

While we are still missing a couple of presentations, this collection will help you think about the day and connect the work that you are doing.

CIRP 2015 data is available

The University of Michigan community enjoys knowing about its students at depth. In that spirit, the new CIRP data is now available in the "Factbook" section of our Student Life Research website.

This data provides both a snapshot of our entering first year undergraduates, and trend data across 20+ years of student cohorts.

The only thing more compelling than data about our students is, well, the students' stories themselves. Get your start learning about our students here, and then engage students in conversations about their experiences and aspirations.

Student Life Learning Outcomes

Student Life has developed a set of learning outcomes as a result of its work in Integrative Learning, and in specific the MPortfolio. These outcomes particularly feature the work of Student Life in terms of teaching self-authorship, navigating conflict, creating one’s own learning, and identifying and understanding multiple perspectives. Within the Integrative Learning realm, these outcomes have been tested and found to hold together well in that context, even as we “beta test” a few key additions across all units.


What We Do

Student Life Research serves as a resource for many University of Michigan departments and units for creating assessment tools, collecting data,  disseminating results, and generally expanding our knowledge of students at the University. Read more about our mission.