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Undergraduate Entering Student Profile 2014

The results of the 2004 and 2014 CIRP Entering Student Surveys contain valuable information about changes in students’ backgrounds, activities, beliefs and goals. In the data below, University of Michigan students who entered in 2004 are compared with first-year students who began in 2014.

Student Life Learning Outcomes

Student Life has developed a set of learning outcomes as a result of its work in Integrative Learning, and in specific the MPortfolio. These outcomes particularly feature the work of Student Life in terms of teaching self-authorship, navigating conflict, creating one’s own learning, and identifying and understanding multiple perspectives. Within the Integrative Learning realm, these outcomes have been tested and found to hold together well in that context, even as we “beta test” a few key additions across all units.

Rebooting the Beloit list? Thinking from the perspective of the Class of 2019.

As start another year at Michigan, Beloit College presents its "college student mindset list." While this is presumably a listing of how students think, more often it is a recounting of things from the perspective of parents or grandparents. It is not research-based, but rather a list of reflections over conversation.

You can see the Inside Higher Education article at:

Students navigate Festifall as they start to navigate the rest of their college careers.

2015 Research Symposium - Schedule & Registration

Student Life at the University of Michigan is pleased to open registration for The 12th Annual Student Life Research Symposium on 12 May 2015. Preview the registration and session information and be sure to sign up!  

Thanks for joining us at NASPA

Thanks to those of you who joined us to discuss the Global Generation at NASPA. On this website, you'll find an expanded set of videos about this work.

We have the slides available

We'd love to hear your questions and thoughts about how this work applies to your practice. Thanks for continuing a great conversation!




What We Do

Student Life Research serves as a resource for many University of Michigan departments and units for creating assessment tools, collecting data,  disseminating results, and generally expanding our knowledge of students at the University. Read more about our mission.

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