Feeding Our Wolverines

South Quad dining hall employees.

How does Michigan Dining feed over 7,000 students daily at the South Quadrangle Dining Hall? CBS News - Detroit recently received an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of Michigan Dining’s operations to find out.

“We have 10 stations and we refer them to micro restaurants because each station has their own independent and fully set up stations for cooking in each station,” Assistant Director Martin Folk shared during the tour.

Folk also highlighted Michigan Dining's meticulous efforts to provide students with food allergies and dietary restrictions with a safe, nutritious dining experience.

South Quad is one of the seven dining halls across campus, Michigan Dining comprises twelve on-campus cafés seven markets, and the Michigan Catering unit. Residential Campus Executive Chef Frank Turchan provided a guided tour through South Quadrangle’s many kitchens, revealing the culinary magic that happens behind the scenes. He also noted local partners, like the Campus Farm, who Chef Turchan also highlighted Michigan Dining's collaboration with local partners, such as the Campus Farm, showcasing the commitment to sourcing fresh, local produce. Notably, the meal planning begins a year in advance, ensuring that our Wolverines enjoy a continuous supply of high-quality, locally sourced ingredients.

Several Wolverines shared their thoughts with CBS Detroit News on Michigan Dining’s changing menu and diverse stations.

"There is so much diversity that can fit anyone's tastes," said student Justin Joseph. 

Michigan Dining’s culinary delights are not only for current students. Hungry campus community members can enter any dining hall and pay with a credit card or Blue Bucks.

For Chef Turchan, welcoming new community members and each semester's newest Wolverines is a source of inspiration. 

“Freshman class comes in with new ideas, fresh ideas, and with social media they have new ideas globally that challenge me and the chef team!”