Parents and Families

Important Updates related to COVID-19

Dear U-M student family member,
We want to provide important updates that have been shared directly with your student
related to COVID-19. We also want to assure you U-M health professionals are actively
monitoring the rapidly changing developments, and making appropriate recommendations
to promote a safe and healthy environment for your student.

Your Student and the 2020 Census

By April 1, 2020 every home in the United States will receive an invitation to participate in the 2020 Census. Mandated by the Constitution of the United States of America, the Census happens once every ten years and counts every living person living in the U.S. It’s been happening, on schedule, since 1790 and it’ll be starting very soon on campus, too. It’s an important process that involves your student.


Building skills and networks for the future through internships

As your student settles into the Winter semester, there is likely a big question on their mind: what should I do this summer? For many students, it’s all about one word: “internship”. What is an internship? Should I get one? How do I start looking? The University Career Center (UCC), and other career offices on campus, are available to help your student navigate through the summer planning process.


Exploring the World: Travel Abroad Tip

Students who work, study or volunteer abroad can gain valuable life and cultural experiences while exploring new parts of the world. And travel is increasingly accessible to all students. 


Our Time With Your Student

As a family member of a Michigan undergraduate, you know one thing for sure: life is always in motion and transition. It's the exciting part of life that opens us up to new opportunities and experiences. I am so pleased to be able to be part of the transition of Student Life leadership as I take on the role of interim vice president.


Plan Now for Summer Subletting

If your student rents and is thinking about subletting their place this summer, you may want to suggest that they learn about their rights and responsibilities, so they don't run into issues at the end of the summer.  


Renovated Michigan Union is open

The Michigan Union is open! After a 20-month closure to accommodate an $85.2 million renovation, hundreds of students, faculty, staff and guests walked through the doors of the refreshed and upgraded Michigan Union on January 13 for a reopening celebration.