Parents and Families

Make It the Best Experience

There is so much more to gain with a well-rounded education at the University of Michigan than what is learned in the classroom. Engaging with the campus community through participation in events, volunteering, sports, and student organizations will not only add impressive items on a resume, but also help students gain a greater perspective on the world, and experiences for a rewarding life.

First Gen Students making the most of Michigan

Students Adjust to Succeed & Thrive

Adjustment is a key contributor to student success and thriving. One definition of adjustment is “to achieve a mental and behavioral balance between one's own needs and the demands of others.”

students balancing a hoola hoop

School Spirit, Michigan Style

Many students say that they chose to attend the University of Michigan in part because of the tremendous school spirit. But what is this school spirit? 

Student in backpack walking past a sign that says It's great to be a Michigan Wolverine

Tell Your Student "Thinking of You..."

The newness is wearing off and students are settling into the routine of classes, studying and making new friends. What better time to send them a message that you’re thinking of them with an M Gift Package.  

An M Gift package

Our Time with Your Student

When we think about how quickly our children grow and move into adulthood, “time flies” is an understatement, isn’t it? We are already almost a month into the new school year. Does it seem like yesterday your student was moving into their new residence hall, house or apartment? 

Royster Harper, VP for Student Life

Meet the Dean of Students Office

The Dean of Students Office is a central place for students and their parents/families, to seek assistance in navigating the complex issues of campus life.  

Dean of Student Executive Staff