University Health Service (UHS)

A UHS doctor gives a U-M student a vaccine.

U-M's Comprehensive Student Health Care Clinic

Feeling under the weather? Student Life’s University Health Service (UHS) serves as an on-campus, comprehensive student health care resource, where most services for currently enrolled students are covered by fees already included with tuition.

At UHS, you can make an appointment to see physicians, specialists, and clinicians in departments that include allergy clinics, eye care, and women’s health. You also can send prescriptions for easy pickup on campus to the UHS pharmacy

If you're struggling with a particular area of your health, Wolverine Wellness can help. Wolverine Wellness, an integral part of UHS, provides well-being resources and coaching on tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, sexual health, eating disorders, HIV, and more. 


New Student Coverage

As a new student at U-M, you’ll want to learn about your campus resources for health and well-being. University Health Service provides this information, plus expectations for new students at: