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Adversity is an inevitable and unpredictable part of our life journey. When students are faced with problems, large and small, it’s important to remember that in addition to their internal strength, U-M also offers services to support them. Many departments on campus exist for the sole purpose to help students who are experiencing a challenge.

Here are some common challenges that students face and resources on campus that can help.

Financial Emergencies:

Physical and/or Mental Health Concerns:

Job Search-Related Stress:

  • University Career Center Clothes Closet - professional clothing provided to students at no cost! Items provided include full suits, dress shirts, skirts, blouses, ties, shoes, and more.
  • Career Coaching - Is your student in distress about what’s after college? They can receive free coaching on interviewing, networking, cover letters, resumes, gap years, advanced degrees, and more from the University Career Center.



  • Student Legal Services advises students regarding their legal rights and represent them, if needed, in Washtenaw County courts.

If you're not sure where to begin, the Dean of Students Office can help you and your student navigate any concerns and connect you and your student with appropriate resources. Contact the Dean of Students Office by calling 734-764-7420 (8 am - 5 pm, Monday - Friday). On-call staff will be available to assist you.

Every difficulty we face in our lives helps build resilience and confidence for overcoming the next. You can take an active role in helping your student accept their situation and encourage them to seek support, giving them greater hope for the future. 


To help Student Life continue making a difference in students' lives, please consider making a gift.

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